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Tigermud 1.8 Release for Testing Purposes Only

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Downloads: 1222
Released: Aug 12, 2007
Updated: Mar 14, 2008 by adammil
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Source Code TigerMUD_TestOnly_Setup.msi
source code, 2008K, uploaded Aug 13, 2007 - 1222 downloads

Release Notes

Default Logins when you first install:

username: ross
password: qazxc

Previous default was:
username: adam
password: adamm

TigerMUD currently offers the following main features:

· Online building and object editing system
· Full world persistence through server shutdowns
· Extensible custom properties for all game objects
· Code editing and recompilation without restarting the MUD
· Player versus Player combat
· Spell casting system
· Remote console to start, stop, and recycle the server
· Interactive local server console
· Player reputation and kudos system
· Player email system
· Simple XML startup configuration file
· Customizable menu system that supports single and multiple selections
· Basic mob combat AI
· Dynamic help system: only see help for commands you can access
· Automatic email verification and activation of new player accounts
· Server-side command scheduler
· Automatic day and night times
· Orbiting moon with correct cycling phases
· Get, drop, and put commands to manipulate items in containers
· Idle player disconnect timer with upcoming disconnect warnings
· Automatic disconnects from repeated failed login attempts
· Server-side word wrapping and paging
· Player security levels control access to game commands
· Server log tracks player connection events
· Configurable roaming mobs
· Nested container support
· Wearable and stackable items
· Game-time clock/calendar
· ANSI color
· Profanity filter
· ODBC support for multiple database types
· Ability to run as a Windows service

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