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Object Prototyping

Dec 10, 2007 at 12:39 PM
Rossbud, I know you're working quite hard on your XML stuff right now, so this is just something I want to talk about, not necessarily implement right away. I don't want you pulling your hair out over it. :)

I would like to see objects be instantiated from prototypes instead of each being a singular entity. Anything generic about the item (actions, description, basic stats) would be part of the prototype and anything specific (how damaged it is, customizations, etc) would be stored on the instance.

I would also like to see the basic layout for the world stored on disk instead of in the database. I would like each area of the world to be stored separately, so that if someone wanted to add the Swamp of Agrabor to their world, they can just save the XML file to the disk and tell the MUD how to link it in. No messy database imports or exports.

Mobs and items could be added in a similar manner. Scripts can already be added that way, though there is some tedious bits to actually hook a script to an object at the moment.

Again, these are just thoughts and I don't intend to act on them immediately, but I thought it'd be good to start discussing them.
Jan 8, 2008 at 4:31 AM
I actually "stopped" for a month or so from working on this because of the holidays (along with some confusion on what to do next for my thesis.... groan). So don't worry. I'm not kicking myself over perfecting this XML thing.

As for the object prototypes, I think its a good idea figuring out some base object types so that GMs (am I using the right term?) could just add objects as they wish while they populate the world. The only idea I have right now for these prototypes are a set of XML templates.