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Latest source checkin moves some things, plz do a "force get"

Dec 3, 2007 at 4:20 AM
Hi all,

Since we first created the project I've learned alot more about how best to use TFS source control, so I did a big checkin tonight where I created an output folder where all dlls and exes go. This caused alot of file and project movement, and changes in the dependency orders and such. So please make sure to "force get" all the files in the workspace to ensure that you get all the changes. This eliminates the need for some complex folder path logic we had before and solves some build issues we have. Sometimes it is easier to just delete your whole local source file folders and do a re-get. Just ensure you check in any changed code before that or they will be lost. You might backup your local copy before you try this in case you have problems.

Additionally, I added an output\scripts folder where tigermud now expects its tmc.cs and tma.cs files to be. It will recursively scan that folder and below, so you can create a tree of script folders under there if you like. just as a re-cap of an important concept, this is the folder where you drop any user commands or action source files that you can add or recompile without stopping the MUD. These are also the files that are not already pre-compiled into the core Tigermud Dlls at compile time, but rather compiled on demand when the server starts up. Check out the "compile" and "enable" commands for more information about how this works.

I fixed a bug with the getfilesrecursive routine, where it would miss the top level folder and only scan children.

I added most of the miscellaneous files like icons, the big database file, welcome ansi file, etc. to the Solution Items folder where they are meant to be.

Also, I moved the DramaManager project up one level to be peers with the rest just to keep folder consistency.

The setup project will need to change due to the file location changes, but I haven't done that yet so building any MSIs when you choose Release builds will probably give you trouble until then.

Reminder: Please always ensure that when you checkout that you choose the option: "None - Allow shared checkout" so others can still edit files while you have them. There are a couple of files still locked right now, so please look at your pending checkins and committ them to free the files.