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Current code status

Jul 25, 2007 at 4:31 PM
Hi all,

As with any rewrite, there is a ton of work. Right now, some parts are ahead of old TigerMUD and others are catching up.

Here's a list of functional features as of this posting (and more things coming online every day):

WorldDesigner GUI (create planets with wilderness just like using MSPaint)
Online compilation of new code without restarting the MUD
Thread pooling for multi-core processor support
Remote console on different port to start/stop server
Menu class for easier menu creation
Multiple characters per account
Server startup with account, character, planet, and room load process
Inline color codes for text
Object models in place for things like auctions, skills, professions, areas, and so on.
Wilderness support
Login process

Stay tuned for more informaiton...